Friday, July 07, 2006

msn space 照片無法上傳解決方法:

msn space 照片無法上傳解決方法:

MSN 照片上載控制項的下載位址: ...

Step 1,用Winrar打開這個壓縮包,

解壓縮 到C:\windows\system32\ (win2000應該是c:\winnt\system32\),

看到有3個 文件:MsnPUpld.dll,MSNPupld.inf,PURen-us.dll

Step3 註冊MsnPUpld.dll和PURen-us.dll
2,輸入regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\MsnPUpld.dll;提示註冊成功!
3,輸入regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\PURen-us.dll;提示註冊成功!



for all the people that kept trying this insane instructions, like
turning off everything (Pop up Blocker and Norton Security), or the changes
in the Security Tab settings on the Tools menu on the Explorer, I did them
all and it doesn't work...
Here is what it worked for me:

I turned PopUp Blocker off, then I restart the computer, and before the
computer starts to boot, press F8 to enter the System Recovery Menu.
Choose Safe mode with Networking... then Windows XP (not Recovery Console)
to boot with the GUI.
When we get to the Windows Desktop, start Internet Explorer, verify PopUp
blocker is off and create an Album on MSN Photo.
It will pop up a window with the "famous" Install MSN Photo. When you click
on it it will show a yellow banner line on the top of the page asking if you
still want to install the ActiveX Control... Do a right click and choose to
install it...
Now you will see your pictures folders of your computer...
You can restart the computer normally, and the control will be installed
Don't forget to Turn on the PopUp blocker again...
Hope everybody find this useful...

Update for MSN Spaces users who are not able to Add Photos

Many MSN Spaces customers are currently experiencing problems when trying to add photos to their MSN Space. When they click on the "Add Photos…" link, a new window should open but nothing happens.

Add to list of sites where Pop-ups are allowed in Internet Explorer

In IE6, select Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings
Add to "Address of Web site to allow" and click "Add"
Click "Close"

Check Norton Internet Security Settings

Customers who have Norton Internet Security 2005 will need to disable the "Ad Blocker"
Customers who have Norton Internet Security 2006 will need to disable the "Pop-up Blocker"

For more information on how to disable these functions on Norton Internet Security, please visit the Symantec website ( and in the Search Box, put in this Document ID Number: 2003082718220036 and click on Go.

Many customers have installed toolbars from MSN or other companies. Make sure to add to the list of websites where pop-ups are allowed for these toolbar programs. You may need to refer to your toolbar help for instruction on how to do this.!8AA773FE0A12B9E3!7472.entry?_c11_blogpart_blogpart=blogview&_c=blogpart